Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sushi FTW

So I was at my new branch on Fridays, which is actually a pretty fun day. I only want to murder one kid!! Actually my goal is to break his "I'm all that" attitude and bend him to my will, which will in turn make him a genius at speaking English. Shouldn't be too hard he's only 6 :)

I have a nice little 1 hour 20 minute break in between classes, so I went to the grocery store and just look what they had calling my name. All this for American $5.00 I think there's just about every fish plus some right there...

Ok so since my blogger is funky and I can't see my pic until I upload everything I'll just list off what there was from the top of my head.....

1. tuna
2. octopus
3. squid
4. unagi(eel)
5. shredded tuna
6. baby squid :P(bottom right)
7. sweet egg(egg cooked in sugar rather than salt)(it's good!)
8. shrimp
9. crab
10. some white fish next to that tuna in the top left

I usually save the sweet egg until the end because it's really good! Haha now you know!!!!! So the order basically went start at the top(tuna) then just handle biz until the bottom left. Needless to say it was a good break.

Since this week was a the new school year, I have a mix between good and bad classes. It will be interesting to see my Saturday classes since it's probably my worst scheduled day...7 CLASSES. Yes I know what you're thinking...SO FUN j/k as they say in the internet world FML. If you don't know what that means ask Katie.

Turned in my letter of resignation in today as well. IT"S OFFICIAL. I'll be outta here 6/7/10 JAPAN TO LONDON THAT'S HOW I ROLL. Lets see if I can dig up the eternal words of the RZA, although he had the lyrics backwards :P

AHH what's up with this new stupid youtube layout! Sorry just click the link

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