Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quick overview of the week~~

Alright it's been a while...and I'm sorry but I've been busy but I'm gettin on's some pics of my past week in a nutshell!

Haha this one is for AJ because I just recently commented on her blog with this photo!! This was taken this past Sunday on Lake Kawaguchiko... I will be impressed if any of you can pronounce that properly in one try :P We had a blast, the other person on the far left is our friend Juan. He's studying law in Tokyo and we all know each other from living in Las Vegas...which was pretty strange because nobody has friends from home in Japan. BUT WE DO and that's another reason I love it here!!

ok next...

The first pic is one of my students...RYOKI. He's awesome and the class we teach is's funny because I understand everything they say in Japanese, and I can reply to them in English and make them laugh, which says something about their ability you know!!! The other pics is right outside of the branch I teach at on Tuesday...the pic doesn't give the mountains justice unfortunately but it's still an idea of what I do regularly!!!


Honoka and Yuka don't speak any Japanese ever!!! LOL I actually try to get them to speak Japanese just because I want to hear them talk. They are two very quiet sisters but when they do talk it's awesome and they are very funny too!!! Ok I'm sorry this is so short but the madre wanted a little something something and I know AJ was dying to see that swan pic!!! I'll be on here more regularly so don't worry all!!!

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Thanks Bri, good to know you are still ok! Those kids are C U T E! We just watched "Deathnote" heard of it?