Wednesday, July 8, 2009


And I just finally turned on my A/C. I think I was just being lazy and thought I could live with just a fan around here. But hey, the weather is still a little better than Las Vegas!

Lately I've been trying to make the most of my time around here. Over the 4th I went into Tokyo to visit some friends. Unfortunately my battery died and wasn't able to meet up with everyone I wanted too though = :( But! Earlier this week I did learn that at every convenience store(here they call them combini's) they sell battery chargers!!!! Once again....don't lose the lesson!!!! This week I want to try and edit a bunch of videos I have of some of my students and some of the things I've been doing while in Japan. Also, I decided I'm going to swim more rather than weight lift, and cater my weight lifting to make me a better swimmer...went today and it was awesome. The funny thing about going to the gym is having all the Ojii-sans(grandpas) talk to me like I was just another dude at the gym! Luckily my language skills are getting better so small talk is easy. I've also improved on when to say "mmmmmmmm" and "wakariamsu"(I understand) even when I really don't understand lol. So basically these guys think I understand everything they say to me....which makes me want to study more for the next time I see them!!!

here's an update on my plants too!!

Jalepeno's are up top and the tomoatoes are up against the wall. I forgot to take a pic of my cilantro, but the cilantro parts are dying out and very small flowers have sprouted up..I don't know what to take of the situation but I still water them every day. This weekend I'm planning on re-potting the tomatoes and jalepenos! I'm probably only going to keep about 3 plants each and re-transform my balcony into a minature potted garden. Plans to pick up some basil, a small Japanese maple as well as possibly a bell pepper plant too! I have this shelf/ stand thing that can work as a tiered shelf and make my balcony look awesome. In the coming blog I'll have to take some picture of other peoples gardens around here. They're amazing!!!!

Ohhh, and here's some shots of my part-time kindergarten I teach at on Mondays!

These kids are great! I also teach classes a couple years older and a class of 2 and 3 year olds!!!!

This weekend I'm also picking up a kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A friend of mine saved 3 from getting put to sleep(aka KILLED) so I thought I would help him out and also get some company around this place. More pics to come...any idea for names???? It's going to be a girl!


chop stick ninja said...

they are super cute!

Katie said...

cute kids! WHY ARE YOU GETTING A KITTEN?! WE ARE DOG PEOPLE. arent you leaving soon???? where is the poor kitty going to live? jk i like cats but im allergic. tell me her name after you get her. now we have a hamster named nutella. p.s. we set a date - June 11th 2010. (HI RENEE) 1

chop stick ninja said...

hi katie!!! and congrats!!! you've gotta be excited.

does the kitten look like a chromeo ... only if she has a really cute meow and fancy footwork :)

my brother got a bunny and named it rambo...

Chelsea Robbins said...

I'm smiling to myself looking at the pictures of your veggies and was about to write Katie a comment saying "Brian is so weird." But decided to write you instead.

I went to Thailand 2 years ago and worked in an orphanage, it's pretty amazing. I'm jealous you get to live in Japan. Those kids are so darn cute, I want to eat them up.