Sunday, February 20, 2011

jeez feb's almost out the hizzy!

I thought not having a job might help with the regularity of this but I guess not....

Jobs are coming through though finally and it looks like in April I should be set. Wohooo more or less. It will be fun to go back to hanging out with kids teaching them English I think...just depends on where that will be. Luckily in the meantime have been doing a lot of free snowboarding...!

And not the free where I poach runs always nervous if the people working are going to ask for a pass I don't have. Lately peeps I know have been hooking things up and the oh so great gf pulled out a couple free passes too. LOL off some guy that was hitting her, and what a great girlfriend she gave them to me! It's nice riding a lot because you make friends with all the people working there. Just like a bartender gives free drinks to regulars sometimes I get a pass and some free food from the peeps on the working @ the slopes.

But after this past weekend going to Nagano, I think, although it's weird to say it...that I've gotten enough snowboarding in this year and I'm happy with my level of progression. Or maybe I just saw people that were so good and I'm just not pushing myself as much as I want. Who knows it could be the other factors in my life too...but I'm good on snowboarding for a bit. Time to count the days!! dun dun dunnnnnn 29 days riding this season...hmmm maybe I counted wrong before but I thought I was doing better than that. No worries though

That's my bud Alex, he actually lives in my old apartment. We hang out quite a bit's funny hearing English humor all the time(he's from sheffield to the narth of london I think) but he's fun and we always have a good time! Also brought my friend Mana whom I tweet on the regular!! She's probably one of the funniest Japanese girls I've ever met, check her gear!

But yes if it wasn't for those two my trip wouldn't have been as fun. It's funny I go on a trip in Japan, but everyone speaks English and everyone wants to speak English because most of the tourists can't speak Japanese. If it wasn't for talking to Mana I probably wouldn't have spoken any Japanese except when I said "domo" to the lifties! Well, and my buddy Sho was around...JEEZ I forgot to mention he hit a big kicker(jump) last week and really messed his sh*t up..came just to hang out though what a trooper! check it

It didn't turn out to be that bad, but he was wearing sunglasses and after he hit the jump the smashed into his face!! Effed up some ligaments in his knee and his ribs are a little bruised but hey! All in one piece!! :P I felt bad though because a friend hit the jump...then Sho looked at me to go next, and all I did was point to him...then he's upside down in the air and all I could see is my friend who hit the jump first unstrap his bindings and start running(!) over to where Sho was. BUT! that's life.

We'll see what the week has in store...Lots of lifting I think I need to get swolllllllllllllllllll. One last at the lodge there was an ant crawling around...thought I'd try and make him famous :P (not really but how else am I going to use this pic!)


Katie said...

Funny! Your English is getting worse though! :P I won't write out all the errors because I usually have a ton but I was like WHOA HE HIT YOUR GF?! Got it though. Also maybe you should stop pointing at people for a while just incase they get hurt! jk jk Hope he's doin alright.

Don't be a drag just be a queen!

Anonymous said...

そうだそうだああ!!jk how funny am i to you??;(lol

Jenny said...

i wanna snowboard... WAAAAAAaaaaaa :'( hahaha. goin sailin and interviewing for a job in cali BUT if the job falls through and i can muster up the courage to say a big fat (insert any vulgar demand here) to peace corps: japan is first on my list.