Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And the verdict is..

I don't know!

LOL Immigration always takes forever...on a good note though all the paperwork went through. Also someone hooked me up with a private lesson once a week come April and I'll probably pick up part time at the vault, which I mentioned before.

Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm we shall see. Today was pretty relaxing. Chess, laundry, coffee and a book, ran into a friend and now I'm tw33ting the sis.

LOL for some reason couldn't fit studying in there. Learning all the time now though, going to start reading a comic to try and work on my kanji practice. Any other ideas for stuff to do..anyone??lol katie ? craft ideas.. Really though I'll probably start kicking up the studying quite a bit here. Gonna call a wine farmer guy I know who wants to go snowboarding..lol he grows grapes, is like 55, and REALLY wants to go snowboard with me. Hey more power to ya, bet he'll blow me away too lol. Just want to meet him to talk about wine. I need to do more stuff like that because it will force me to speak Japanese for a designated period of time, it's so nice with the iphone too if we get stuck on a word BOOM it's right there. Yeah that's what I'll do...this guy will be stoked too I think.

February will definitely be a crucial month!!! Jeez I thought 2011 was going to suck too! :P

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Katie said...

Making a small diy list for you.