Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A little time for the blizog!


It's been a little while and now in the midst of my summer holiday I've finally stumbled upon my digitally dusty blog and I suppose it's time for an update.

Basically, things are going well, not too badly sunburned with all the outdoor adventures that have been going on. Honestly not doing too much these days. I bought a big TV that I hardly ever watch, a PS3 I really only use to watch movies, and a kettlebell that I LOVE!!!!!

Finished reading a pretty good book, and now I'm going to devote my "book reading time" to study time. I was at dinner the other day after a 3 day, 2 night camping trip on the beach....we were all looking at the menu and I COULDN'T READ IT! Well, I could read quite a bit of it but I was at the table, among a lot of friends with varying levels of Japanese and I was the worst :( So it has motivated me to study just a little more. I might as well as I think I'm going to be here for at least another year.

As I've said before to my fam and friends... I'M NOT LEAVING UNTIL YOU COME AND VISIT ME. So it's up to all ya'll to come and say what's up! Then I'll hightail it back to reality. I can't believe I've been here for this long. Although it's been great, I've made amazing friends and seen a lot of cool stuff...I miss America quite a bit sometimes. But, on the other end I have an amazing life here and I still generally keep in contact with a lot of people back home which is great. Anyways...I know you want to see some pics so let me dig some stuff up.!!

Well there's some stuff from my latest iphone upload. I kinda cracked my phone so I can get free ringtones and a few free apps and what not so I don't upload so many photos these days! Can you believe it...I only got a 16gb one and it's already full!!!! People in the 1980s probably couldn't even comprehend how to do that so quickly!! :P Basically a lot of goodbye parties..that one in particular(2nd photograph) were some really good friends of mine. The first was on a train to go to a wedding. 3rd a little cutie I got to do to dinner with her and her family. Then some summer stuff.

Summer's been good to me so far. Getting a lot done and being pretty healthy. It's hot! But I love the air conditioner and especially the starbucks I have literally across the street that I'm usually at to use their air conditioner :P I'm actually going down to meet a friend who's from Gabon, Africa! Funny funny guy, who's reading Japanese books like nothing. One thing I love here is how international of a life I'm living. lol btw his name's Parfait...which usually gets a little giggle when you first hear it. But! In french it means 'perfect' HOW YOU LIKE THAT!!! Anyways he's alright...horrible at pool though, good at everything else! Gonna meet him in like 5 so I'm out!


Katie said...

Yay updates! How lucky that you have a Starbucks so close. Jealous.

rob said...

Yes, i am trying my hardesst to get staight A's:P

rob said...

+ u seem pretty happy