Thursday, August 25, 2011

feelin that aloha!

Could be from the surfing with my friends and teaching them about the dangers and safety of the waves a couple of weekends ago. I can't believe how much I learn when I'm out in Hawaii that I would never have picked up in this concrete jungle or the other ones stateside.

Kinda jealous my brother is getting to go out there again next week!! I hope he has fun. Honestly I would probably give up the snowboard for a chance to live in Hawaii and as easy as it is to do it's not I think. Out of respect for the people and the paradise that's being crazily over populated at the moment I don't think I'd move there. Although it would be a nice blend of Japanese and American culture that I can easily find a career in, especially with my background in the service industry...let's call it the easy way out for now.

I've had a weird week with a bunch of ups and downs. Just recently sprained my right ring finger indoor snowboarding. Lucky for you all that read this you're too far away to hear me complain and whine, although you may have seen some of my TWEETs! IT HURTS. The whole car ride home I was messing with it too because it felt like I could crack the knuckle but it just needed a little extra know what I'm talking about!! But iced it down and this morning couldn't even make a fist! Iced it a lot all day though and should be good to go in a week or two.

After work today and prepping for the coming school semester I'm actually getting a little excited, or rather not fearing the fall semester that's coming next week. When it comes down to it my job is actually not that difficult, it's just a bunch of busy work mostly. And now that I've got most of the prep out of the way it should be smooth sailing for a while.

I put a post out on facebook a few weeks ago on an inspirational movie that I should show the kids in high school. Took the pop's advice on THE KARATE KID and since they also need to do a debate essay we're going to take a look at 80's culture(a personal favorite of mine) and cross compare the 80's culture of Japan vs. America. So mom and dad be ready for some photos if you can dig any up. I think it will be great for the kids to interact with their parents as well. It's odd here the relationships of parents and their kids aren't exactly the same as they are back home. But this will be an excuse for communication and for them to learn a little about the 80's!!!! LOL, these kids are so up on mainstream whatever it'll be a good chance to take a step back.

There's another FUJI climb in a couple weeks! And a fire festival tomorrow(8/26) where the city below Mt.Fuji is going to light a bunch of bonfires in hopes to calm the god of Mt.Fuji so the mountain won't erupt this year! Hey,! After climbing that sucker I feel like I should pay my dues. And also right after climbing I think I'm ready to do it again. DID YOU KNOW Mt.Fuji is the most climbed mountain in the world! Some people hate it, and hey! I didn't climb it for two years because I thought it was STUPID, but now it's super fun and it's such a good feeling to get to the top....very cheesy but when I got to the top I felt like I accomplished something! Very hard these days for my lazy self, so might as well do it again!

Hope you dig the jams!

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