Monday, March 12, 2012

Whoa! Should I even bother!

I was just looking on my twitter and I noticed I linked my old blog up there and...I never update this thing! Should I keep it up???

Since I'm just in general trying to stay on top of things I figure I might as well..No pics this time but I'll do my best to get on it. It's pretty hard because just recently my lovely laptop has been crashing on me and not loading up. So most of the time I'm on my iPad at home... not that that is much of an excuse since that thing rocks!

Might try and jailbreak it and run windows 7 on it when I can find the time. Everyone keeps on saying,"are you bummed about the iPad 3 coming out?" ...... NO! Although it looks way sick this was a gift!! I'm just happy I got one! Thanks DAD oooops! I mean Santa!!!

I'm actually very stoked that the new apple TV is coming out. Gonna be great for me because I can take what I'm watching from the pad or the phone and send it right over to my tv and watch in beautiful 48' widescreen comfort.


from taking work home on the regular to just putting my nose to the gridstone from as soon as I get it..I'm busy! The school year in Japan ends in the spring so luckily it's kinda winding down before we get busy again. I'll also probably be creating a new twitter account that I will tell you peeps. We're going to be using ipad's regulary in my classes and I want to hype myself and our projects and I thought twitter would be a great way to kind of help. It will also just be funny to have my twitter name just be MrDukie,....hopefully nobody has taken it! :P

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