Sunday, December 14, 2008



So I orignally wrote a very nice, long, and detailed blog but my internet explorer crashed on me :(

So today I went to Fujiten!!!!!

The fellow on my right is my friend Fred. Way cool dude from France with an English accent who's pretty damn funny actually. That's his Suby on the left and it is a very very cool car. We drove out to Fujioshida last night and we got there really fast :) because he's a crazy fast driver which is also awesome. I met up with AJ's friend Jyoti, who is a killer cool Aussie chick where we had dinner then met up with AJ at a party. What was great about dinner is the bartender gave us free dessert!!!!! it was like a half tofu half cheese thingy with strawberrys and raspberry sauce.

After this party Jyoti, our friend Ann, and I were heading home. I really wanted a beer nightcap and they mentioned there was a beer vending machine, which I haven't even seen yet! We go and unfortunately couldn't get any some people were walking up we asked why after staring at the machine and pressing all the buttons and cursing at it like drunk idiots. They said they turn off at a certain time each night(lol) because of underage drinking.

This is when they invited us to drink with them....and they were actually firefighters going to their firehouse to drink! So we ended up chilling at a firehouse eating octupus cracker thingys(which were actually good!) and me laughing histerically just about the whole time!!!! These guys were hallarious and Jyoti and Ann are very good at Japanese so I just did my best to listen and when they asked me questions I would spurt out something that was actually not bad Japanese = w00t I'm learning!

Fujiten the next day(today) was great!

I finally did find a vending machine that worked @ Fujiten~!!! It snowed a couple inches in the morning too which was great. I'm jealous of all my friends in Fujiyoshida because the resort is only a 30 minute drive!!!! But still was very very fun!

They even have places to give your board a bath get all the snow off and a compressed air gun to dry everything off which was pretty cool!!!!!! I had a great time and chllin with Fred and Jyoti was great! No jibs unfortunately but I was still having a lot of fun with all the natural stuff there. I think that's why I like snowboarding so much because it's up to you to figure out how much fun you're going to have!!!

Now that I've generally got all this stuff figured out I will be posting more and more!! I'll fill everyone in with some past stuff too. Tomorrow I'm going to Tokyo so more will be up soon I hope everyone is having a great holiday I keep hearing Wham's "Last Christmas" everywhere here I think it's the most popular xmas song in Japan!!!!!!

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