Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm legal!!!!! Here for a year....if I want that is = w00t! This happened earlier this morning then I later went through the work day teaching kids how to sing "Jingle Bells" and do xmas word searches and what not. Tomorrow is the big day of the UNITAS Xmas party...I'm a little nervous because I have to be Santa, which is so funny because I don't fit the character at all...well maybe my rosy cheeks but that's it! Although it's only a 10 minute appearance I hate the whole "all eyes on me" thing but ohh well.
I'm stoked afterwards the staff is going to dinner and they're having this all you can eat & all you can drink party!!! Which is always nice to get a chance to indulgde. Sunday is going to be rock climbing and night riding which should leave me exhausted and doing nothing but chilling for my day off on Monday which follows into another shred session on Tuesday. The 23rd happens to be the emperors birthday so no school!!! YAY!!! lol Although I have to work on the 24th & 25th I will still be able to celebrate with a Xmas potluck and as my true homies know on Christmas Eve...I will be breaking out the Chistian Bro's for you guys! Although you guys are too busy snowboarding in CO to read this blog don't worry I still know what's up!
BTW, I thought I'd attach a pic of those epic boots I bought at that epic price! I sure hope they're comfy and keep me warm during the night ride. I'll throw another post on after the weekend and I hope everyone is having a great week!


K, tea? said...

just because no one has commented doesn't mean you should stop blogging. keep them coming. i want to visit that city!!! you should totally go to london with me one day! i loved it there. i cant believe you're going to be santa! i hope you are better than the one at my work. i helped out on Saturday Santa (the employee's kids got to see him and eat cookies/take pictures) he didnt even ho ho ho one time. so be loud and jolly and scare the crap out of them and all that. they also asked why Santa wore Adidas? i said because he is very busy making toys and things...but thats not his job...ANYWAY im rambling. have fun and MISS YOU! melissa is having an xmas party and people are supposed to dress as xmas characters...i think im going as rudolph. so gay!! but it'll be fun. be careful on the snow. did you hear about vegas?! tons of snow. so jealous. BYE!!!!

K, tea? said...

hope you had a good christmas! i miss you!