Wednesday, December 17, 2008



I even think I changed the language around for you peeps!!! On Monday I had to go into Tokyo to get some snowboarding boots. There is a giant Burton store in Harajuku, which I've decided is the most expensive place in the world :) But, I was amazed at how everybody dressed in Shinjuku(where I arrived) and Harajuku. As AJ put it well, it's a mix between 1980's and 2020!!! I felt like I was wearing rags compared to these people. And no wonder the Japanese are constantly working everything is ridiculously expensive....long sleeve shirt = $90!!!!

Boots we also twice as much then compared to US prices but you gotta do what you gotta do = 33,600 yen!!! ahhhhhh it hurts just to look at... I won't even convert that for you people who don't know just to save myself some pain.

But basically I decided Tokyo is probably one of the most happenin spots in the world. I immediately felt as if I was in New York city and when I talk to a colleague at work he says Tokyo reminds him of London, but he's from London. Which is funny because those are supposed to be the top 3 cities of the world and in a way I felt like through talking to him and my realization of the city it's true!
....Just a little view of some of the crazy stuff you see in Shinjuku as I'm trying to find my bus stop. My landmark is actually a KFC which is really funny to me. I can't wait to go back to Tokyo but with the current state of my budget I think i'm going to find something cheaper than ramen to eat :P So with Christmas already being a huge bummer I figure it can't get that much worse right?!
Luckily classes this week are cake. I make stockings with the kids, cut snowflakes, and listen to xmas music while doing word searches and xmas anagrams if there's free time. With the exception of my adult private lessons and planning for our childrens Christmas party this coming Saturday my job this week is brainless(w00t!).
With my crazy weekend I learned a lot in Japanese and has only pushed me more to study harder...hopefully ramen is good brain fuel!!! Now that this blog is up in English I expect to see comments people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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