Monday, April 20, 2009

ohhhh snaps!!!!

So I went shopping over the weekend and swooped these bad boys up at the local cheap-o shops!

The skateboard went for 2,000 yen, which is about $20 bucks!!! Which any of you who know about longboard skateboards a normal one is usually about $100!

Then I swooped on the guitar for $40 !!! I know it's a weird color blue but for $40 bucks it was awesome. Alright so it looks like I won't be studying as much as before.

Trying to but it's tough! I am getting a chance to practice as well which is great but motivation other than everyday conversation is tough. Especially while trying to make my lesson plans more interesting at work. I also picked up a second job!!!! It'll be teaching two classes at a kindergarten on Mondays. The great thing is this school is about a 5 minute drive from my hosue!

Goin to Fujiyoshida today to kick it with AJ, think I'm going to be making pasta then grab some ice cream @ a place in Kawaguchiko...I'll throw up some pics later on in the week!! I'm finding I don't really have too much to say on these blogs so i'll take request....anything just let me know, picture requests I'll do it!!! shoot even song request on my spankin new acoustic! Catch up later peeps!!!


A.J. said...

How about "Africa!?" on your little guitar ...... Oh and thanks for making me pasta, it was totally unforgettable! xo

Jane said...

Hey Bri, Love the guitar color - why be normal? Just look at your bike! Photo of your new car perhaps? Steve is trying to talk me into a BMW X5 so I don't slip around in the snow anymore. Skype us soon!

Jenny said...

totally envious of that skateboard!!! and the guitar. I'd NEVER study if I had a guitar and a skateboard here. not that i'm good at either, i'm awful :P but they're so fun!

new job w/adorable kids, lots of friends, car, delicious food and kirin, skateboard, guitar, snowboarding, and wiling out ALL in japan? awesomest. cousin. ever. :) erika will probably leave early after reading your blog!