Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ay yai yai


Apologies to everyone but it's been over a month since I dropped in the blog. A lot has been happening and I've been extremely lazy in writing.

Everything is in bloom aroud here and I'm actually going to a sakura(cherry blossom) festival over the weekend. The weather is perfect here and I'll be on top of the world as soon as I get paid!!!!!!! Work has become incredibly annoying though unfortunately :(

Teaching isn't so bad but it's really the people. My company is horribly run and hearing people complain over and over again and me refraining from telling the to shut the f*ck up so I won't hurt their ohh so sensitive feelings is getting harder every day! But! I am learning a lot more japanese and I have a great time when I'm not in the main branch so I just deal :)

Was getting a little home sick over the past month. It's like....shoot I can stay here, and learn a language I probably won't ever use...or go back to American and pick up the pieces of my life, be with my family, and my friends? Who knows I was in a predicament but the more I talk to people back home I realize I'm going to try and stick it out for a little while longer. Japanese is actually a very fun language to speak(lol being it the only other language I can) and everybody I meet is very interesting.

OHHH!!! I bought a car too!!! Pics are coming soon, I had to park it in Fujiyoshida...where my good friend Amanda lives because I need to buy a parking space and I'm broke until 4/ not so bad. It's a little hatchback that will fit right in to everyone else driving around here.

LOL sometimes I have some funny timing with my pics! This was taken a couple weeks ago when my aussie friend Jyoti and I took a little weekend trip up to Nagano...the snow was so slushy I was able to plany my board wherever I wanted and capture this goofy skier too!!!! Alright peeps more to come...any requests on blog topics???

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