Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Monday down!

This past week flew by!!!!

Been super busy....picking up and switching shifts with people. Went to Tokyo over the weekend to pay my buddy who sold me the car...he's a snap of him and his gf....i'll just start and the pics are around the table of us and some peeps hanging out on Sunday nigt(4/26/09)

The weekend was actually really great. There's something about Tokyo that gives me energy to just be productive and "sieze the day". It's weird. I stayed the night on Sunday and woke up early....which was crazy I've never been squeezed into a subway like I was this morning!!! I didn't even sleep on my bus back and was full of spunky all day...I even stayed after work a little late because I had to finish up some work for an early morning business class I picked up for a friend...and I NEVER STAY A MINUTE LATER THAN I HAVE TOO :P

ohhh...I also found a pic of my car! Taken via my balcony....

Yes it's really small!!!! But shoot it works and at least I get to park it pretty close to my house. I don't know what it is about Japanese people too but for some reason they always back their cars in everywhere...I think it's just part of their strangely efficient culture you know.

Also this past week I've had a strange appetite...check out this feast I prepared...I think that was on Thursday 4/23!

hmmm....I would ask people try and guess but it's a difficult one... 10 points to the winner with the most correct answers. And hint...there are two types of meat!!! This is the first time points have ever been availiable on the blog so...this is special!!

AND!!! I have pictures of cute Japanese kids I teach.... This girl is Rinna!! She's one of my favorite kids and also the most annoying because she hates doing anything productive but she's a really funny girl!!! She's 4 and has to stop coming to my class!! It sucks but I guess it's difficult for her mom to make it now or something = :(

This next bunch are my first class on Friday's....there alright but the dude thinks he's funny and gets put in his place every five minutes by me, you would think this wears him down but momma didn't raise a quitter with Mr.Shota! They're all drinking water because we were going over emotions, I asked everyone if they were turns out they were! It was pretty funny so I thought I'd take a pic!

Well that's enough for now!!! This week I have Wednesday off and I think I'm going to be doing archery up in the mountains with a bbq so I'll be sure to show everyone what's up with the bows and arrows!!! OHHH!!! GOTTA SHOW LOVE TO MY SIS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIZNATCH!!!!

also you too Jenny!!!!

I hope everyone's doing you better get an X5 that's tiiiiiight and then get nanny a new friggin car that heap's about to blow up!!!! TAKE CARE EVERYONE!!!


Jane said...

I see tuna? Broccoli and guak - what is the red stuff - looks slimy - did you put catsup on to kill the taste? What is it??

jonovan said...

lol it was actually...ground beef, chicken, guac, and ketchup with onions,broccoli and spinach...

i guess i was in a funky and the ketchup was to kill how hot everything was...along with the guac :)

chop stick ninja said...

happy birthday to me too!!! that looks like something you would eat if you were prego... guak and catsup?!?