Monday, August 3, 2009


The time between blogs has been few and far between.... sorry all. Lately I've had my hands full with this new cat of mine :)!!!! chi-chan!

haha great pic right?!? :P

Other than that really trying to enjoy everything out here in Japan. Exercising as much as I can and recently trying to study harder. Made some new goals while I'm out here. I really want to

1. Get great with my acoustic guitar
2. Play Moonlight Sonata on my keyboard
3. Improve my kanji vocabulary

Kanji (Japanese characters that have a million meanings) is what makes learning Japanese a pain in the ass! So many of little thing will throw everything off :( But! I'm here so I might as well learn them. I also have a tentative plan as to how long I'm staying here!! I know you all are on the edge of your seat :)

I'm going to re-contract and stay here until April/May 2010.


The sis is tieing the knot as well as a good family friend. I know I can't take all that time off of work so I'm going to kick it and enjoy the summer. WHY IS EVERYONE GETTING MARRIED?!?!?! Not hating and actually looking forward to going to both of them...not everyday a little sis is getting married. HA! But I also have a lot of little sis's(5!) so I suppose there will be more to come!

OHh! Indoor dig?

So much fun. Progressing is awesome too by the way and it's great that this place is only around an hour away! Up in the mountains here it's fantastic! The funniest part....they had this song on repeat the whole time!! 3 hours, just this one song!

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