Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well I thought I would put up a post really quick before I bombarded this page with Disneyland shenanagins! OUCH! It's 11:30 here and I have to meet up to jump on a bus @ 6:45!!!


Just finished a mean game of scrabble though and came out on top 275 to 245....gotta love playing SUAVE between given and pipes = w00t!!!!

Don't hate on my takin a picture of my Saturday night activities either! haha like I said I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow so I need to rest up. :)

Ok, so for those of you who wonder how many koi fish there are around here...I decided I would take a picture when riding home from work today going across a bridge... and here you are....

Yes koi(aka carp!) are everywhere here....just about under every bridge and also every mellow spot in rivers I see some pretty big ones. It's really great riding my bike to my branch though and throwing some food out and feeding them though, a small highlight of the day...besides riding my bike to work which is also very fun. I always see something interesting or almost get run over, but Japanese people are such curtious drivers I can basically ride in the middle of a lane and they will wait for me(patiently of course) until they have enough room to curtiously pass me by.

On Friday's and Saturday I ride to work, It only takes me about 20 minutes to get there, and 10 - 15 back because it's downhill. It's a nice bike ride, just enough you know! A couple songs to listen to and not really too much strain or it actually. For some reason took a pic of lunch on Friday...funny huh :)

Yes that's salmon sushi. In America I really didn't care for salmon raw so much, but here it tatses diffrent! Better I think, I really like it a lot. Also some dried mangos, which are becoming very common with me...I love them! I think the fam in Kauai should start drying the thousands of mangos they harvest and send them to me(HINT!), btw mangos are crazy expensive here, one mango... 8 bucks! but dried aren't so bad. Somtimes prices in Japan blow my mind, grapes...5 bucks! WHHHAT....a coffee at Starbucks here, tall, $2.00~

Anyways peep my cat! She's been very annoying this week....she's getting super huge though I think she wants to get outside. I feel bad everytime I leave work because I leave my balcony open and I see her head peeking out watching me leave...hmm, maybe next time I'll take a pic of that for some proof!

Haha it was so funny when she jumped up into the freezer, I tried to shut her in but she wasn't having it...I've managed to shut her in the fridge once I thought it was very funny! Don't worry no animal cruelty going on cat's are just annoyingly curious...never really understood the whole saying until I got's annoying but really funny sometimes.

Anyways it's time to say my Jalepenos. Winter is almost officialy here in Japan and my babies that I raised to fruitition are dying out. last night I harvested the last of them, which are incredibly spicy by the way(YES) and put them in some pasta I cooked with some scallops w00t! Also in the pic is the last of the did good minature farm on my balcony, have a good winter and hopefully see you in the spring...for just a little while :)

Anyhow that just about does it for the past couple of days. Disneyland should be interesting, hey at least I get to go for free!!! And be with kids while at Disneyland, I really wouldn't care to go there by myself...I hear Disney Sea here is pretty rad, I'll try and peep it out while I'm there. Who knows! HAHAhA Starbucks has already started playing Christmas songs here...really funny in Japan...amercia tooooooo?????


Katie said...

i haven't heard christmas songs yet but i haven't been out much. your plant is super tall! what the heck is disney sea?? is it like sea world w/ mickey? probably. answered my own question.

did you fix your allergy thing with the cat??

jonovan said...

yes i did...she just had an eye infection! she's good to go now...

and disneysea is like a disney land with more water :)