Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Uploading some pics

...Trying to blog while the weekend is still pretty fresh in my head. Unfortunately this weekend I only had one day off because I worked for a friend on Monday. I'm pissed too because there was a big festival in Kofu, it was funny it was a hip-hop festival with people spray painting and dj's playing some pretty good hip-hop! It's funny listening to hip-hop here when nobody really knows the words, and seeing the crowd who's listening. LOL Yesterday the dj was playing Notorious BIG while people were pushing around their parents in wheel chairs while Mr. Notorious was talking about doing drugs, killing people, and living in the ghetto(this of course is very nicely put by me, not him though :P)

Here was one of the artists, had a friend painting right next to him!

I was bummed to go to work, but my buddy worked for me when I went snowboarding last month so the trade off was worth it. The day before though I really seized the day off and went to Tokyo, stopped in Harajuku to go to the H & M then off to Yokohama. Just so everyone knows, Yokohama is kind of outside the Tokyo area, but a very cool place. Lots of cafe's & cool streets, it's more of a younger crowd too, a very fun place. But Sunday was all business, snowboard expo sale. Lots of cool gear, took the train in!

Right to Left

Thought this picture of Hazuki is pretty funny, she was cold so she word my gloves. Taking the high speed train into Tokyo is so fun! Second stop...Yokohama...

By Day!(Yes another xmas tree!)

By Night!

Funky picture of the Ferris Wheel by the pier, it's a lot bigger than it looks!

We later went to meet a good friend of mine, DAVID! He lives in Kamata(South Tokyo) just a few stops away from Yokohama.

Haha he didn't realize I was taking a pic of him, we were goofing off at a bar before we found this jazz spot!

They weren't bad, it's funny just about every live jazz band here always plays the girl from impanena. Good thing I love that song because it's huuuuge out here...

...the smoking section

and the beer section!

We were able to catch a couple sets until we had to book it to catch our train into Shinjuku Station(basically the center of Tokyo) Here's a couple snaps I took as Haz and I were waiting for the last train back to Kofu!

So that was basically my really quick weekend. Still fighting a sore throat...I think I've been sick the whole month of November, I HATE IT! I'm trying everything to get better, this morning I bought a whole bunch of parsimmons I think I'm going to eat a bunch tomorrow. I also bought some vitamins so hopefully I'll kick this thing. I don't even feel up to go to the gym! Eff this hopefully I'll bounce back this week. Just was checking the calendar, 3 weeks till I go back to see fam for the holidays! Stoked. Hope everyone enjoyed the pics, sorry none in the snowboarding place having too much fun!!

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