Sunday, November 1, 2009

YAY November!

After doing a week of Halloween parties with little kids I am happy to see the holiday go! Here's a shot goofing around with the eyeball race eyeballs before class started :P

My Dame Ningen costume was a hit though. For some reason I even was top five in the costume contest at the bar I went to....which was really funny. Michael Jackson won though, lol I wish I would have taken a photo it was really funny. He was the "Thriller" Michael Jackson with the red jacket...pretty cool!

Here's some shots of kids on Saturday! I really like this one for some reason...maybe the lighting or something

These boys are always hallarious!!! Playing games with this class was very fun!

Getting very anxious to come back home! Also finally over a little sore throat so I can enjoy some hiking and being active again. All the trees are starting to change colors here, very pretty stuff...ohh, I even think I have a pic of that outside a combini!

This was last week so they're a little more red now...very pretty riding my bike down the main drag in town when the wind blows. Here's another pic on my way to a branch I work at...see the big koi???

Buying my ticket this week to go home w00t! Also figuring a way to re-arrange my room to make part of my bedroom a little living room! After payday gonna drop some money on a couch! Stoked!

Next weekend probably going to Tokyo, itching to get into the city for some reason and just kick it! Tokyo is insane and just being in the city is a really good feeling. Anyways...THE NEW WEEZER ALBUM COMES OUT 11/3 or !!># as I wrote it the first time :P If anyone wants it hit me up on SKYPE !It's gonna be good....might as well link a youtube video

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Helter said...

dude, the couch is no cost.