Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ahh the difference 6 months make

This last pic is super duper fresh! Hours old. It took me a minute to realize the spot I was in as I was a little confused with the whole layout of the place since I haven't been there since the summer.

Right after work loaded the car out and jetted out to Kamui Misaka!!! NIGHT RIDING! And it wasn't too bad@! Only too about 45 minutes to get there, and like 30 to get back! Terrain was alright, but these past two weekends I've been riding in knee to waist deep powder and I realized what's it's like to be spoiled. There was only about a two foot base layer to this stuff and I really noticed the difference in the man made snow. BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING! Just making observations. I had a great time and there were plenty of things to goof around. A night-only season pass is $180, I think I'm going to swoop one up after my next paycheck! Why not right!

I haven't been on the blog in a while! Ever since I've been back I've been bizzzzzzy. I also switched my phone to Japanese only in hopes to learn a little on accident...I actually started to use my phone less because it was so hard, hence no pictures. I also think I left my charger in America and have been super lazy to buy a charger so I've been borrowing a friends every week, again a reason for no pics! But hey I'm not making excuses :P

Things are going very very well. These past two weekends have been great and I'm so happy I just up and decided to go shreddy shred it up. A very nice Saturday to start. Went to the grocery store to make some din din, I managed to be the last customer before they closed! YES! Everything's comin up BRIAN!

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