Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back on the wagon..



It's pretty nice weather out today. Still a bit chilly but it was nice to relax and do a little studying after breakfast. I'm using my old book I lent to a friend that's coming in pretty handy. I used it in my last Japanese class @ UNLV but it was pretty far outta my league. I'm actually not really sure how I ended up passing that class. Now however after being here a lot of it is familiar to me which is nice.

When I look over the book it's funny what the book say to say, and what I say to people in conversation. It's the same but I realize I just say things very differently...I guess you would say less proper. At least I'm trying to work on it while I'm still here. It's funny how just a little bit of studying comes in very handy. For example, I probably only studied about 30 minutes last week and used what I studied at least 3 or 4 times since then. Someone even asked me a question involving what I had just recently learned!

Anyways really trying to stay productive and on things...including this lovely blog! I really like that before and after pic in the last post! On a budget until payday so we'll see how much snowboarding I'll be able to fit in. Definitely another night session since it's only $25 and hopefully somewhere this coming Sunday as well. Tonight is actually Australia Day! The local bar is serving Kangaroo burgers and Crocodile kabobs! The thing is that whole budget! I based it during the middle of the week which means I only have $10 for tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think they'll have some Kangaroo burgers left over so I think I'll just wait it out until Wednesday :P Did it last year it was pretty good!

Time to start the work week! Work has been going really smooth ever since I've been back from a visit to the states...gonna try and keep it going!! It's not hard when all I have to do is talk to kids :)

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