Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Ok this post is for the madre since she's was getting on my case for an update! :P

Well I'm back! It's funny to be back, I thought my Japanese would be a little lacking but I really haven't noticed too much of a difference, which is great. Funny thing though, when I walked into my apartment I thought the place had shrunk! I think I was just used to my way of living back home. It is a good to be back, although I had a great trip and do miss my life in the US just a little bit.

Currently catching up on laundry debating whether or not to hit the gym, lol it's probably going to be a no on the gym and maybe i'll just cycle around for a bit.

Here's a couple pics!

KENO ROCKS! Hit two of these, unfortunately that took some time :P

My only four-of-a-kind :( Not too much luck with the gambling but I did have fun! I was trying to think if I'm up or down on the trip, and I'd have to say I'm about even. It's really hard to tell because I won a lot, lost a lot, but every time I lost everything I drank and ate at the bar was lets just say I came out even, maybe plus a little!

This is my best friend's brothers son! Mason is a really funny dude! Here's his parents ;)

My friend Adam's parents have funky bamboo on their kitchen table = ambiance :P
And the other side of the table...

The part in Las Vegas was very nice, I saw a lot of my friends and got to chill a lot! Adam's also fixing up an old to help out a little and learn a little bit about cars!

Hanging out in Tampa and Seattle was very fun too. Don't have too many pics but had a great time...I think I have one of Katie putting my hair in a pony tail!!!!!! Let me dig it up!

HA! Did it! Although it looks gay, I did it!!!!! :P Here's a pic of all of us on the boat too.

Well...that's a bit of the trip in a nutshell! It was very fun but not back to business, Happy 2010 everyone let's see how it goes! Any good resolutions?!?!?

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Hi Bri, thanks so much for adding to the blog - I appreciate it! Be safe out there - we're all thinking about you and miss you lots.


Grace said...

Nice pony...Samurai warrior