Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My phone broke!

Hence not so many pictures! I pulled it out of my pocket one day and I dropped it on the edge of my coffee table! It sucks...BUT


I threw the one that's not on FB for a little something different. Perfect weather, and perfect people. I had so much fun it's not even funny. All day and all night for 3 days straight. Shimoda( where we stayed) is beautiful! And the people @ the beach were really nice and we had a small volleyball rivalry with some of the locals and did all right.


We drove all night to beat all the crazy weekend traffic(it's gnarly out here because the 10 million people living in Tokyo are also off = no fun)

As we first pulled out to get our first view of the ocean, BOOM! Bright red sun. Never figured out why they called it that until Sunday. This was a different pic on a different day but it was BRIGHT RED. Couldn't believe it!

One more month (33 days) until I'm out...gonna be busy!

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Katie said...

brian these pictures are so awesome. i saw them on yer facebook. they remind me of the movie THE BEACH. also saw it like 3 times in the past two weeks. so cool. you're going to have these pictures and fun memories forever!