Monday, May 17, 2010

Quiz time!!!

Haha this will be funny....

This past week/weekend had a great time. Archery on Sunday and also went to some great restaurants. Thursday went to a sushi bar with a great chef. In Japan a lot of the chef's and people who work at these little sushi places also own it, in Japanese they're called SHOCHYO(I think) but you can also call them just 'master' lol it's pretty fun. Anyways my friends were talking so I started talking to the Master about this and that, then asked if I can take a picture with one of his sushi knives. He loved this then started showing me all of them and the differences. This was funny because every knife he showed me he was like,"Ok, take a picture..."

It turned out to be not only a great way to practice Japanese, but I also learned a lot about different types of knives you use for sushi. NOW, for the quiz...which one of these bad boys is an UNAGI knife(unagi = eel).

Hmmmmmm, GOOD LUCK.

So that was Thursday, Friday went to Yakitori...was very very good! Met another different "Master" because as we got there some good friends were leaving, peeps I went camping with and since it was our first time to this place(and they've been going for a couple years) they brought the master over and basically told him to hook us up :P (just got some fries!) But, quiz question number 2! Anyone care to take a guess at what this delicious thing is :)

Fast forward to Sunday...

And some Karaoke @ night(GAGA!!!)

Very fun.

2 weeks until I need to be out of my apartment!!!


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