Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Say it ain't SOoooOOooO

Just happens to be playing while I'm writing this. But jeez say it ain't so;

1. The oil spill really SUCKS
2. My mom's house caught on fire!!!!(everyone's ok)
3. I'm leaving in about 3 weeks
4. Katie's getting married


and Chi-CHI!!!!!!!!


She's the friggin coolest cat ever! We'll see what happens with her she's still young. JUST LIKE ME! 27 this year JEEZ. It's been getting better each year though so I'm stoked for 27...moving on..

This past week was rough coming off a great vacation, I was honestly in a bad mood and wanted to be a prick to everyone, except the kiddo's that is. But I didn't and rose above!!! Dropped into Tokyo to drop off a baby present to some good friends of mine. Got them some one-zies! Nice to just dip into Tokyo when I see fit, always refreshing and funky at the same time to change it up a bit. Tokyo always freaks me out with how many people speak English!! And I'm always happy to come back usually which is good. BUT! I really would love to live there for a year or two somehow, the style is insane!!! I think it'd be tough though seeing that many people and really never speaking to anyone...it's funky.

TIME IS COUNTING DOWN. Better start to get on it. Looking forward to this summer and things to come!!! Will do my best to keep everyone updated. Archery again this Sunday! w00t!

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Robyn said...

chi-chi looks intense!Just like mandy with a wraped up christmas present os some cookies for someone!
SOOooOOooOOoo!!! everyone is ok though!