Monday, September 27, 2010

Doin work~!

Hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera tomorrow when we go to Hopi Falls. We go down to set prawn traps using coconut meat and then jump into some waterfalls that are running right from the top of the mountains by our house here. So much fun even can sit under one of the falls if you maneuver yourself just right. They have a water proof camera so I might try and take some snaps for on here.

The waterfall isn't too powerful either. It's a bit of a struggle to swim through it without it taking you under, but safe enough so you can let it take you and have it be fun. The jump into is nice too...about 15-20 feet. Have to rock climb sorta out too, good thing I've done a bit of that too. PICTURES WILL BE EPIC I promise.

First stop of the day @ Kelihiwai beach. The point was breaking hard. Found out Ben Stiller lives @ the top of the cliffs on the right there[NAME DROPPING]. My cousin Donovan said while he was surfing over off that point a shark swam through there!!!! It was packed full of like 40 people. Which is super dangerous, I for sure didn't go out there unfortunately. Just not good enough yet it's...that ain't no vacationer spot that's for sure.

Re-set the traps around the afternoon. And hit up this place called Donkey's afterward. Body surfing and got worked! Super strong waves out I would try and dive under and a couple times the wave almost scooped me up! ALMOST GOT CRUSHED!


INDOBOARD FTW! I bet OK_TEA will like that.

So fun I hope everyone had a good weekend!


Katie said...

be careful in those waves!!!

rob said...

i comment 2!!!!!!!!!!!