Wednesday, November 24, 2010

not a train wreck!!!


One of the new songs on the latest Weezer album is called 'trainwrecks' have a listen. A line in the song is, ' we don't update our blogs, we are trainwrecks'. Sarcastic of course but trying to stay on the ball around.

I have finally went from hating my job and feeling unappreciated to dealing with the job and just pretending to be complimented how good I'm doing when I should be! :P It was all actually from the wedding I just went to.
The table I sat at with had a couple foreigners that have lived here for a while and know a little more about Japan and way of life than I because of their experience here. It was a nice coincidence they were all there too because their opinions really helped me out a bit with things around here.

Basically, like most jobs here in Japan you need to put in your time! Japan is super big on seniority and it's kinda the way things are here. Which makes sense, I was kinda jumping the gun on the vault expecting a lot of stuff because I'm a kind of fast acting type of person. Once I stepped back for a second I noticed that I've only worked here for just over a month! It's going to take some time to implement my goals for that place.

It's nice that I have a chance to though, and most of the people that come into the place are excited to see what happens with the place. We had a great show the other night where my friends came in from Tokyo and put on a great live set. VERY FUN.

Finally with some days off I got a little chance to unwind. It's so nice having all day off!!!!

I haven't really had a chance to explain on here...or to any of you that aren't living here how things are and what I've been up to and certain new plans I have. But I will...No really interesting pics to throw up at the moment because they're all still on my phone. Check my facebook for a funny vid of last night at the game center. My friend sho's a riot! Can't believe my best friend here is someone I only speak to in Japanese, pretty tight though. Some of the foreigners here are just too nerdy and anti-social...I can only go so far on the nerdy scale(that's a lie) but also with my schedule it's hard to link up.




Katie said...

yeah i have no idea what you're doin- ever!

just appreciate that you have a job!

that video is funny, was it the grill that he won??

jonovan said...

nah he won a remote control hummer!

he also won a remote control helicopter but gave it to me! it's hard to control but it works!!!!