Wednesday, December 8, 2010


At a train station typing and a high speed train just zipped passed!!! Brrrrrrr

Things are going as well as they can. Kinda hit a rough week though... Lost in fantasy football, catching a bit of a cold, and just got dropped a bomb with my old job's principal saying he won't help me out to try and get a visa. That was earlier this afternoon. Went to the doc so got some mess for the cold I should be over it soon.

Going to immigration no matter what by Friday, more likely I'll drop on tomorrow because I need to get this stuff handled and know what's going on fast so I can act faster! Talked to my friend in mammoth yesterday and he said there's still a job for me if I get out there = snowboarding everyday in one of americas finest resorts(always nice). Everyone here is telling me I should just go to Korea and come back because then I'll have a 3-month temporary visa. That's always a possibility but then I won't exactly be working legitimately in the country until I work score another job in the spring with another school.

Funky stuff either way but any which way immigration handles things will be interesting.

On a good note I got to see my cat today!!! CHICHI!!!!

Well let's hope the pic can make it... Now on the train I was waiting for and I go through a couple long tunnels so we'll see. Can't wait to go snowboarding!!!! I really hope mi madre didn't send my stuff by boat or else I won't get any of my gear till halfway through the snow season and may even be back in amurica by then. But don't worry mom I have a big snowboarding back just incase I do have to go back I'm going to take the most important stuff back with me.

Most likely if worse does come to worse I'll just divide the stuff up between my friends until I come back.

I know a lot of peeps want me to come back which is really tough. Not gonna lie, things aren't as good as I thought they would be over here but I'm doin my best to keep my head up and make things happen which is all I can really do. I am meeting a lot of cool people in the city working where I do which is great... Lots of really cool connections have already been made and I've only been working for two months. My darts game is getting better too, last night alone I got two hat tricks(bulls-eye 3 times in a row) I've only actually done it two other times. The best part about it was my girlfriend had come down to visit me at work and got to see it. Not to brag but one of those times I got two more bulls after that!!!!!! I've realized darts is about 80% mental the rest is form.

Also went underwater in pool!! I guess working where I do sometimes does have it's perks!!

Ok my stations next I'm out!!!!!sorry for any stupid auto correct typing mistakes !!!! No time to check


Katie said...

hope you get over your cold soon. i had one a few months ago and it suckkkeeddd. i totally know how you're feeling. when you get a cold you just don't appreciate when you're well. drink lots of juice!

jonovan said...

lol i just read what i wrote...some of the auto correct is pretty funny..... underwater!!!!