Monday, December 27, 2010

bits of the xmas season!

Xmas was crappy! but so stoked the next day when I got that package from my pops! lol I mean santa!

on the 24th went into Tokes with the lady, it was alright...went and saw tron which was pretty saweet...this pic was taken in Shibuya...pretty poppin spot in the city I suppose...

Was talking to a customer the other day who was living in Kofu and moved into Tokyo. He said that's where it's all at if I want to start pursuing other interests here in Japan. He does voice overs for radio and TV and said I could easily slip into that line of work, decisions decisions. Here's some other pics!

There we go that gets rid of a lot of typing that's like 5,000 words or something. That was the first game played on the Mario chess set...had to beat him :P(my buddy Sho)

All in all I guess it was not as bad as I thought it was. Next up New Years!! In any other job I would look forward to making at least $500 in tips...shoot at least @ my job I look forward to not drinking and watching everyone slowly(or sometimes quickly) get drunk and do something stupid lol... Saturday was snorting a line of salt, do a shot of tequilla, then squirting lime in their eye. Known as a suicide in England it was friggin stupid! LOL funny to watch people in agony though, hey I warned them!! The two guys doing it actually did it 3 times in a row!!! One of them reads this blog(or read it) lol super funny though. If that's the highlight of the evening I think I need to spice things up around there!


Katie said...

LOVE your coat. what did you get from santa??

and that's super gross about the salt line thing. ew.

jonovan said...

so gross!

i got some thermals, a sweater, and some american stuff! all in all pretty good santa knew what was up this year. good thing i was good!