Sunday, January 2, 2011

HAPPY 2011

This past year went by really fast! I can't believe it. It was even surreal working just because even work went by quick! Which makes me think this next year will be flying by as well.

I can't believe this year I'll be 28!!! Never thought I'd be where I am right now when I was in highschool thinking about what I'd like to do with my life, but it's going well so far.

Had a great ski trip to finish off the year in Hakuba with my friends...check out the ride we went it!

It was a very fun trip...although I hate waiting on people sometimes when there's fresh powder and everyone wants to 'stick together'. LOL Ok I"M NOT COMPLAINING!! I'm just sayin! hahaha one of my resolutions was not to complain so much! and tune up my manners!!! I thought of the latter when I asked someone if I could use their wax to wax my board before the powder day...and I didn't even think to wax theirs up to say thanks. SO! I'm going to try and work on that, that's just not ME! :P I'm talkin about this guy josh!(who also was that guy involved with the salt in an earlier post)

The trip was great! I love going to the resort that we go to...the owner and I have become friends, considering last time I went I went down a closed course to destroy the powder and got caught, using his season pass and they resort took it! I felt pretty bad but it was kinda something that made things a little more memorable. It's so funny everytime we come too when I call him to confirm he's like, "Brian I put a room full of 5 beautiful girls right next to yours!" and then he introduces us at dinner it's hillarious!!! He really knows how to take care of his customers. Don't worry you guys I'm not a scumbag(japanese = uwakimono!) I stay faithful to the GF but hanging out with pretty girls is better than hanging out with ugly dudes!!!

I'll be sure and try and snag a picture of Kato next time I head up to Nagano!

Last day was epic(aka 2nd day)I went to sleep at like 9:30 the night before and was able to wake up nice and early and get up to and off the gondola by 9am the next day, ahead of everyone else. Smashed powder solo jamming to my ipod for about an hour and a half until I saw everyone else. Met a cool family on a different gondola and cruised with them for a little while too. People on the resorts here are just so much more friendly than back home sometimes it's amazing.

Going to the local shrine today for new years(shogatsu) pretty popular thing to do for the holidays. I'll take a pic maybe :P those tweetharts will definitely be seeing something!!!

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Katie said...

great post! it is good to go out of your way to be more thoughtful. 28! omg... i wont say we're old. here we come 2011!