Monday, January 31, 2011

Well, January has been interesting to say the least

Thems the snowboarding days of January...lot of them free which is good and super discounted. Finally I actually decided to document how often I go snowboarding...I go a lot! Lately it has been a little theraputic, not for my finances but jeez immigration stuff has me frazzled.

Went today with the president of a company that wants to hire me and they said NO! I have one more chance, which is tomorrow. The company is going to Tokyo immigration to try again. If they say the same thing they said today I need to be out by 2.6.11! A very interesting thought which I think you would agree with.

At least I got to see chi-chi today! We needed to print up another contract and my girlfriend has a printer and the president of Borderlink(the company) was heading in that direction so after we met with him and signed a new contract Haz went to finish getting ready and ms.chi-chi was around. She definitely recognizes me it's really funny, even to see how she looks at me, I think she's a little mad because life there is good, but at my place it was way better because I'm more fun!!!!!!

hmmmmm...anything else going on??? Snowboarding a lot...getting better every time I go I've never progressed so much in a season in my life!

It was pretty cold last night though. Night riding is pretty but the resort my friend Chris and I went to is really busy in the day time, and it was super packed hard snow at night. After two days of snowboarding prior to last night my knees and body just weren't really feeling it. Thankfully when we got there we asked some people leaving if we could have there passes and they gave them to us for free!!!! Timing is everything!! It also helps to be super nice and know a little J.

I will definitely know how good or bad my timing is for living in Japan come tomorrow....what do you guys think??? Either way it's win win but this tour de Japan things are looking up. I have a lot of really cool job offers. Day jobs and night jobs...and the owner of the Vault mentioned me working there again part time. Although it's not the best's like Japanese class x20. I really can't tell you how beneficial one night is there. It's like 8 hours of speaking japanese because nobody understands you. Speaking more of timing;

5 minute games mind you...I'm PLASTICBEACH

...yes that'd be 48 seconds vs someone who's supposed to be better than me! It felt good to say the least.

Anyways cross your fingers for me tomorrow everyone. THANK YOU!


Katie said...

48 second. Dang. Sounds like you want to stay!

jonovan said...

ewww i just noticed a grammar mistake...maybe i should read over my blogs before i post them

Katie said...

It's ok. I made a spelling mistake in the comment above. I have to go over my posts all the time and catch things and when I do I'm like ew ew ew.