Monday, January 19, 2009

Hakuba was great!

Although this pic was taken when my head felt like it was going to explode...I had a great time @ Hakuba. My friends and I left late Friday night and left late Sunday night. Saturday morning I was riding with powder up to my knees!!!!

On about the 3rd run I met a really cool guy coming out of a chute I just tore I was waiting for my friend Jyoti to dig herself out of the powder I decided to chat it up...turns out this guy (Leo) has been traveling around for the past two years and plans to travel for another two!! Sounds like a good idea...right! He was from France too which was interesting. I didn't see him riding with anyone so I told him hey we're exploring the mountain just like you so you're more than welcome to tag along with us, and it was great we had a lot of fun! So it was a really tight trio in the morning and we ended up meeting some great people who was in the group we went up with and had a blast! There was a really fun party on Saturday night and everybody was really happy to meet my UNITAS(where I work) friends and get drunk! The group that went up was giant! About 70 people...we had our own seperate hotel which was great and slightly めどくさい( the japanese word for bothersome or annoying). It turned out great though and is probably the highlight of my stay in Japan so far!

The guy on my left is may remember him from my other post the first time I went to Fuji-ten and I believe my first blog ever :P He's the guy that put this all together and a very cool peep might I add. Lol if you look at his hand he messed it up majorly because he works hard....and plays hard too!!! Drunken Fool!!! lol.

Don't worry everyone I plan to break-up with my mustache soon....but it's hard to fight love :) Fred really does rock though for how long I've known him he's always been super cool. It's really how it is with most of the people here...everyone rocks and is always really genuine which is awesome!! I want to put up some videos of me on the gondola and a really funny one of us @ dinner but for some reason this blog uploader sucks, sorry peeps! More pics for now!

These three are probably my closest friend I see on the regular and who are always down to hang out whenever! The guy is james, next Eiko, then Hazuki. All super rad...James busted his kness on the trip. This is the second time I've taken him snowboarding and the second time that he's fucked his knees up :( Like I'm talking very bad...they both swell up with fluid that looks really nasty. But it's funny he's like ok let me heal up then we'll try it again! Great guy...English though so it's really funny we're always busting each others chops because of our different slang. He's even got me saying "bloke" sometimes and I tell him to " bugger off" it's really funny! LOL and he's worried he's going to come back home with an american accent because of how much we kick it.

I wish I would have taken more pics of the snow but I think I was just too excited...Jyoti is going to put up some pics so I'll put more up in a blog later this week.

On a resolution update cooking is already getting better. I'm getting pretty good at pastas and what not... yes I know it's easy but they're tasting good. Tonight it will be pasta with chicken, broccoli, and bell peppers in a tomato basil sauce!! Next week I'm thinking about getting a wok to work on stir fry's and then next is going to be Thai food!!!! Wish me luck...Till nex time everyone hope you enjoyed!

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