Sunday, January 11, 2009

Want to see my Saturday students?!?!

These kids are great!! And now that I've been teaching for a little while it's great to see their personality a little more because they were so shy at first. I'm teaching the boys how to play uno, which could be a bad idea because when I play uno with my other classes all they want to do now is play uno...but they listen very well so I don't think it will be a problem.

Saturday's are actually my favorite days...although it's a 9-5er as opposed to 1-9 I like it because the kids are friggin smart! Then I go back to the central branch and teach two adults that are really fun. Teaching is weird, and teaching English without that much experience is funny as well because I'm just talking to them...and correcting their sentence structure. Especially without training it's hard to decide what to teach my adult students who don't prefer to follow a textbook because it's too basic, but their English isn't that great either. In the coming weeks I think I'm really going to buckle down and develop my teaching style.

I have noticed that I do get my students to laugh, and laugh not at me don't worry but with English it's very easy to make jokes I guess although the language barrier is there with the little kids.

All in all Japan rocks!! People are commenting on my Japanese getting better and I notice it too because I'm understanding more of what people say, and just nodding my head pretending I understand to everything else. Which is very hard might I add because I can tell when somebody doesn't catch everything I say when I talk, it's in their eyes you can just see it. So when I pretend to understand I really try to convey it in my eyes but it's hard! Here's a couple more pics from last night (1/10) Me and my friend James and our local bartender Marc/Mac/Mic lol. Despite the scary appearance this guy is great!

I only wish I could grow such a mean mustache!!! I think I'm going to give up on mine in another couple days and try again in a couple years lol. Later this evening I will be snowboarding in Fuji-ten!!! Their park is finally up so I can ride on some jibs, then Monday I'm going to get crackin on my new years rezzzy's and spend some of my hard earned cash vampin out my pad. My rezzy's for this year are!!!!!!
1. Get better at Japanese(I figure I'm in Japanでしょう?)
2. Get an idea of what I want to do with my life(quarter-century old I figure it's a good time:)
3. Become a better cook
There's of course the exercise on the regular but that's a given resolution on everyone's list right. These will be tough, especially #2 because I feel that wherever I'm living I'm visualizing what I will be doing with my life there. So now I don't ever want to leave Japan and I think it's an easy place to make money. That is if you have your own business. Japan is very funky in the tiers of money making, they are very spaced out. I feel the only way to make it here would be to have my own business so I can dictate and have some control over how much money I can make.
Japanese people are crazy about saving!!! Which is great for me because I'm horrible with money. I blame it on the restaurant biz because when you get large amounts of cash every night in lieu of a big paycheck once a month it's easy to spend your money then the last week will just pay for your bills. I have to say if there's one thing I will bring back from Japan I want it to be their saving ethic.
That and all my resolutions :) I'm going to grab a cup of coffee before I go rip so until next time....

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