Monday, January 26, 2009


Lol like that really means much for the people who read this....

But my local bar is doing a lot because the owner is from Austrailia, I'm going because I want to try a kangaroo burger. Just beforehand I'm going to join a gym, it's about time I get back into shape. If you weren't aware I dislocated my shoulder twice snowboarding last year, once on St.Patty's day and then again two weeks later :( It's a lot better now so I think I can really start to fully exercise again = w00t! I also have some news that will make some of you very happy. Goodbye mustache, I wanted to try and keep it for a month, since I started it on New Years. But it'll be my celebration for Auzzie day. To think it's only been a month is amazing. A lot has happened in 09 already. Had probably one of the best snowboarding trips in my life, my Japanese is getting great and I'm cooking tons! Catching up on my flicks too. Just watched HEAT until the wee hours of Sunday morning...great flick! It makes me miss LA and America a lot. There's many shots of LA and I forgot just how large it is...and that was shot in 1995. It also made me realize how small Kofu is. Although I think it's really big it's not compared to LA, but, it's one of the biggest cities in the US so...yeah! also here's my latest song of the week. It's by Weezer's frontman Rivers Cuomo, he made a couple solo cd's that are very very good. there's anothe link in case that doesn't work. Been listening to a lot of Weezer's just really relaxing music I suppose.
Everybody has been saying my Japanese is improving tons which is awesome. This week I learned some very cool and important words....
うざい:uzai : annoying
さいきん: saikin : recently
かんぺき : kanpeki : perfect
なんというの : nan toiu no: how do you say that?
おけいかい : okeikai : check ( as in the bill @ a restaurant)
I also have been getting better at using of でしょう(deshoo) which is probably my favorite type of slang Japanese has. It means...right? you use can use it at almost the end of everything, and as my friends you know when I like something, ie a song I nonstop play it so just imagine how much I use でしょう :P Nah it's not that bad. But it also means , "don't you think so" or "don't you agree with me" or "am i right." It also depends on what you say to make deshoo important. It's very fun!!!!!
I would go on with other slang, but I don't want to bore everyone. Such as ちょう(choo) which means something like "very" or a word that's more than "very." I kinda think of it like super, but you can't use it alone it has to have a noun or something to follow it. Honestly, I think of it as the english equivelent to "fuckin"
like...fuckin awesome! LOL it's true though. So quick lesson! すごい = sugoi = awesome. ちょうすごい = choo sugoi = get it!
Anyone who knows Japanese and is reading please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. But, that's that for now. I hope everyone's doing well!!!! I'll take blogging request's just let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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