Monday, February 9, 2009

I passed the 3 month mark!

And I'm looking more like a teacher everyday!!! Today I had to sub for a friend of mine who covered for me when I went to Hakuba. The classes were actually really fun and I'm really learning how to get people to take chances and not be afraid to speak English. It's funny though, just about everytime I learn a new word or phrase it gets incorporated into my lessons. I know I shouldn't, but I do use a lot of Japanese to try and teach. It's slightly frowned on by my company because I'm strictly an English speaker but shooooooot! These kids are really struggling and I help them out by explaining things in Japanese..or wheter try and explain it.

I think that's how I get them comfortable however because once I start speaking I obviously butcher just about everything but they know I'm trying to help them out so they kind of put that extra effort which makes things work. This Wednesday is a holiday so I get to go snowboarding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This weekend I couldn't unfortunately because I'm stupid and spend my money on the wrong things :( BUT! Payday is tomorrow so things will be looking up! But look what I made with about $3 american munz

Ok AJ I know you're going to get a little upset when you read this or even see the pic because that cous cous is one of the boxes that my mom sent for you. So, thanks mom...and thanks AJ I still have another box with your name on it but shooot I was trying to cut corners and I'm broke :) But I promise I'll make it up to you. Anyways I did a little chicken with baby asparagus, carrots, onions, and garlic. The cous cous is indian curry flavored and tastes awesome!!!!!!!!! This coming week I'm going to try my hand at fish!!! Wish me luck everyone!

This coming month should be really exciting. My friend Andy and his girlfriend are coming to Japan @ the beginning of March so it'll be great to jet into Tokyo to meet up with them. LOL it's funny because I've heard of a lot of great mexican restaurants in Tokyo but I'm sure they'll just want Japanese food unfortunately but ohhh well I guess I can just make mexican food!!!!!!!!!!

Today I had my first language exchange. This is when I meet with a friend who wants to practice English, and I try to speak Japanese went really well. I'm learning more and more everyday and some of my sentences are getting longer and sometimes I'm able to make jokes in Japanese! I even had a dream slightly in Japanese the other day too....LOL I was talking to my cousin who lived in Hawaii and he was speaking Japanese for some reason!! I realized it was a dream when later I was talking to my sister and she was in her car...then she drove away but her steering wheel in her civic was on the other side(ie passenger side). I was like damn this is a dream and I've been in Japan for too long :P

This is my latest bike!!! I got it for free too!!! Diggin the rims because all bikes in Japan look exactly the same...except mine!!!! Also with the bike I got a jar of homemade grape jelly!!! It's a bit of a story that I'm really lazy to tell right now but just another reason why Japan is great. OoooooK, basically I told a friend that my bike got stolen, she talked to a relative and told me that he can hook me up with a bike because he owns a bike shop. We go to their house, which is also a grape farm for wine, after he fixes the bike up for me we go in and have tea and as a parting gift the guys wife gives me a jar of grape jelly!! = w00t! People in Japan are soooo nice!!!! Anywho till next time I hope all is well !!!!!

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K, tea? said...

haha nice story. cool bike! of course yours is different than everyone elses! that's crazy about your dream. i've been doing yoga in my dreams! might be my calling? i want to visit you and meet all the kids!