Monday, February 23, 2009

The weeks are flying by!

This one went by with ease as usual. There's something funky about Japan that's hard to put a finger on, a friend said it well when he said this place was like "neverland". I think it's a great example because things here usually feel pretty surreal. This week went by with the usually cooking every night and morning...unfortunately not too much studying until tonight but that shall change this week!

The weekend consisted of snowboarding!! Nagano on Monday where I met this interesting lady who can't be seperated from her dog...literally :P And mind you this is real although the dog is cute enough to be fake!

Ohh my god I couldn't believe it!!!! The dog looked scared out of his mind too I felt bad for the pootch, all that needed to happen was a sharp turn and he was done for :(

Here's a pic of me and my awesome friend Jonas taking the gondola up Sunday as well......

I like Jonas a lot because he always has a story for everything!!! He is pretty well traveled too!! He spent two years teaching in Thailand, while there he went to India and vacationed in Costa Rica and before that backpacked all over Europe. He is a little picky when it comes to snow conditions and just about everything else, but he blames it on him being so jewish lol.

On Monday(today) I went to Fuji-ten with another friend David. David is also an amazing guy!! Lived in San Fran before he and he plays bass having gig's just about every week. I believe I mentioned both of these kids in previous posts though. We had a lot of fun although it rained on us about the whole time :( He wasn't going to go because of the prices and horrible conditions but as I talked him in to paying as you go(about $4 per lift ride up)...we get all of our gear and two japanese guys say " ticket " lol I was so surprised it was in english!!! It turns out there were leaving and we bought their tickets for $10!!!! it was awesome I was so stoked, it really made my day!!

So we take a couple of runs, go back to his car and drink a little sake and had a good day! LOL and then we saw this sign and started cracking up!!

All in all it was a good weekend and then tonight my friend that does language exchange e-mailed me so I even got a little Japanese talk in there to add a little productive-ness to everything.

This week should go smooth...just the same ol teaching with a little exploring in there. Excited for the weekend, some good friends from Las Vegas are coming out and we're going to meet in Tokyo Sunday and then I should be going to Fujiyoshida to see my peep AJ unless she flakes and she always does(just kidding!!!!). Alright peeps take care i'll leave you with this new Q-Tip music video this guy is amazing!!!

Gettin Up

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plusein said...

My name is Nina, I was looking for info about Unitas online, and I found your blog. Actually I want to take Japanese classes there.

I was hoping you could tell me if you know anything about that part of the school?

I see from your blog you are teaching English there. That's cool, I am living in Shanghai now teaching fashion design....

Your pics of snowboarding look awesome! I am jealous, I live in a dirty, rainy, and FLAT city. I've always wanted to go to Nagano! Actually in Shanghai they have an indoor "winter sports" mountain, but I have no idea what it's like.

Anyway, if you can help me out, I would really appreciate it.