Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Post Super Bowl


So the Cardinals didn't win but at least nobody spoiled for me as I was the only person at the bar interested in the outcome of the super bowl. Luckily my bartender was awesome and made sure to tell everyone to shut up when they were talking about the game.

OOo....I also got my new bike which is awesome, I forget if I mentioned that in my last post... I'll be sure to put a pick up it's wicked sick. It has Turquoise rims!!! And I got it for free, I overheard that the person who gave me the bike his grandaugter is going to Austrailia in a couple months so I thought it would be nice to give a couple english lessons in exchange for the bike. Afterwards we did some tea and chilled it was actually really fun.

Also here's my latest omlette creation!!!

and finally teaching kids there body parts...this was pretty fun because everyone was afraid to be on the top!!! These are my Wednesday kids....they're actually annoying as f***!!!!

Anywho so this week I'm mostly going to be chilling. I have another language exchange next week, this one I didn't speak too much Japanese. The whole deal is I meet up with someone and we speak English for 30 minutes, then we speak Japanese for the next 30. But, this person asked me to meet them at the vault, which is my local bar while the Supe Bowl was on so I wasn't really in the mood to think :( But now I'm a little more driven and have a lot of time this week because I really shouldn't go out(because i'm broke) and I should really buckle down and start studying more.

Tonight I actually think I'm going to be doing some shrimp tacos with guac though so that should be exciting, don't worry if they're lookin good a pic will be up here shortly. Thanks to myspace I got to watch some of the super bowl commercials too. GI joe looks pretty cool but everything else wasn't too funny but ohh well.

Can't wait to go snowboarding again...I was talking to one of the other people that work at the bar and he said he was doin 540's over 15 meter kickers on Saturday, he said we'd be going next time so i'm pretty stoked to see how good this guy is.... iiiiinnaaaaaaa. LOL I think if we go though I'll work up the guts to try something other than a giant 180 over the kicker...we'll see though. I hope everyone is having a good week back home!!!!!!!! Take care!

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