Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Monday!!!!

Well, that's just the way it has to be here. It's around 2 pm Monday afternoon, which means the superbowl is probably over and the winning team is giving speechs and what not. I've made it this far without spoiling the winner but who knows if I can do it the whole day. I'm about to go meet up with another teacher who is getting me the hook up on a bike. I forget if i mentioned this but last Saturday my bike was stolen from a bar. I didn't lock it though, but never have before...but don't worry I learned my lesson. This past weekend was great, went to Nagano again and has an awesome day. The night before it must have snowed about 10 inches so there was some nice powder but you had to go hunt for it. They also had a couple kickers(jumps) one about 30 feet and the other around 15. It was my first chance to hit jumps this big this season!

I was a little nervous at first because I really don't want to mess my shoulder up again but I never fell once the whole day actually ...wait no I did doing something goofy..just a switch 180. It's funny though the line to hit the jump takes forever so I try and kind of cut in, because everyone just friggin looks at the jump and I'm wondering why nobody is going. So the guy in front always lets me go ahead of him and I think I've perfected my bows while going pretty fast to's a funny feeling actually :P Oddly enough it was the same guy a few times who happened to be the best guy in the park that day...he was doing backflip's with 360's at the end. Some of the guys here are nuts!!! Ok then another japanese lesson for the day

いいな = iina = I envy you, or I'm jealous

So quick example...he would do the backflip and I would say, " iiiiiiiiinaaaaaaa" I really like it because even when you say i'm jealous in english it always seems like there's a bit of envy, yet in japanese it's more of a good thing or, " you're lucky,I'm jealous."

Well I'm trying to upload pics of the day but something is acting up for the blog site. soon to come will before my latest cooking feat = pedthai along with some pics of students and what not.... stay tuned

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