Monday, September 28, 2009

Good weekend!

Fall is definately coming. Had a great time this weekend shooting archery and hanging out with friends. I've also decided to take the Japanese Proficiency exam so I'll be studying it up a lot!

As always trying to keep things together while being over here. It's rough!!!! Especially with a crazy cat and a weird work schedule(Tuesday-Saturday 1-9 and Monday afternoons). Started a new race with Nike + if anyone's down please get in touch with me and I will send you an invite!!! Spread the word people I want to race against peeps!

This archery stuff is freakin fun! I can't believe how well I did too!!!! Second time's the charm I suppose. One good thing about Japan is that people remember you because you're so uncommon I think. I walked in the lobby to get my gear and the guy who set me up totally remembered me and it was great!

This one was 55 meters and shooting about 30 feet up from where I was....only person on my team to even hit the target!!!!!!

This week I'm not doing too much. Next week going to see Metric in Tokyo that should be really fun! Just trying to go with the flow, keep the house clean and stay in touch with peeps. Haha, in about 20 minutes I'm going to meet up with an old teacher I used to work with...she wants to meet up at Denny's. In her e-mail she said she wanted to go to a cozy place, I love that it's Denny's :P

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Katie said...

i want to play with bow and arrows! yeah the american's always stick out. good luck on your exams. i totally want to go to denny's now. METRIICCCCC!!!!!!