Friday, September 11, 2009

I love bluetooth!!!!

Not for those gay headsets! But I was just able to bluetooth all my photos to my laptop! And trust me she's not so cute right now!

Since she woke me up at a lovely 5:30 by running across my bed at full speed to jump and climp the curtains right above me....scared she's going to land on my head, I decided carpe deez it up and start my day. Did a little cleaning and took out the trash! Which I'm a little thankful Chich woke me up for because I had for about it last night! But like I said...she's not that cute anymore!! She's a KILLER!

Ahhh!!! I'm starting to hate her but love the bluetooth for the instant uploads...LOL here you go as she climbed this curtain and is doing a good job at being a pain! I wish I was knew some Koreans right now !!!!!(GET IT)

All in all besides my cat things have been good. I've been studying everyday so far this week and am driven to get better at Japanese. Also, I'm back on listening to Weezer...which always puts me in a good mood! Current song, "butterfly" from the Pinkerton album. Also working out and swam 1k last night! About to go running since it's just past 7am!

The weekend is looking exciting...thinking about going snowboarding Sunday I went to check the times on the website and saw something funny...let me know if you can pick up the wonderful japanese english :)

or better yet...

Also got some free tickets to the local city soccer teams last Sunday home game for the same day. Free = good! AND! On Saturday I'm going to a hockey game, they want me to play and it's funny because the foriengers on the team(all two of them) are skeptical of my abilities since I grew up in Las Vegas. This makes me want to play even more because :

A. Because it will be fun to get my bearings and show them up in a short period of time.
B. Hockey is super fun and all you do is hit stuff and people all the time!

Might be some good stress relief from Chi-Chi :) Unfortunately gear is expensive as shit but all this is minor details. Then to top things off football starts this week! One thing that sucks about Japan is the fact that I can't just turn on the TV and watch some but I suppose I'm spending my time more wisely...a season break won't be too bad.

Ohh...Never uploaded the pic of my favorite class.

They're awesome! And thanks to me they know hella slang :P not " hella " but some good stuff! I also like them because for my kid classes, they understand me the best when I speak English, which is really fun. Also, this class usually catches me at my worst because it starts Saturdays @ 10am. So they've also seen me after some rough evenings...sorry guys.

Alright time to handle bizniss...catch ya after the weekend!

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