Tuesday, September 29, 2009

goofing around....

Last week we were goofing around with fireworks and my friends camera. He started the long shots after we ran out of sparklers so last Saturday we goofed around with a pen light on the back of a lighter...pretty interesting stuff!

First the fireworks(Hanabi)

lol this was per the photographer(thanks Aidan)

These were fun, kind of like roman candles but it would launch a little bottle rocket type thing every couple seconds.....

So with that whole idea of capturing between 3 and 20 second exposure's we decided to do this the following weekend!

Here's an attempt at writing my name on the balcony.. remember you have to write things backwards to get it reverse on the camera so apologies, can you see it?????

my peeps were a little better than me! It's hard because you shoot everything in the dark it was funky!!!!

I thought that one was pretty funny... :)

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Jenny said...

cooooool. me gusta :)