Friday, October 30, 2009


Or sucessfully translated as loser! Lol luckily one of my teachers got this tie for me which you'll see in the next a kids here automatically think scary. I asked a students what I was, they had no clue, on kid even guessed dracula!

This was by far my favorite group! We had a skeleton scavenger hunt, just imagine all these kids running around in the dark with flashlights looking for skeletons with creepy music blasting and it being pitch black. The other teacher I work with had two costumes, and kept switching in order to scare them...couldn't stop laughing!

Anyways I can't wait for Halloween week to be OVER!!!! As easy as it is it's rough controlling kids who are hyper as f*** because they're having so much fun. One more day!!!!

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Katie said...

yaaay hyper spaz kids!!