Wednesday, March 31, 2010

8 more weekends!

Until I'm off to England....very crazy when I think about it. Had a good time this past week. Time to throw some pics up!!!

Last day with some funny students!

Curry and Kiwi's!

I need to teach somebody the word moderation....

Snowboarding with my bud Yas!

Chi-chi relaxing

Cherry blossoms on a windy day....


It's been good so far. I've been trying to study a lot! I've found great online study tool and it's been working great. I'll probably be able to almost get down all the information to take a level test in July that will look good on a resume if I ever wanted to do anything with Japanese. Although I'm very far from where I want to be I can't let that gap get me down, and it had been for about the past month.

It's funky, my learning curve really plateaus every couple of months. I probably plateau and speak the same Japanese for about a month...learn a little bit more the next month. Then get super stoked that I'm learning I study like crazy the following month. Then I usually get overwhelmed and hit that plateau again. Repeat.

In the coming month I'm going to start sending stuff back to America!!! Aghhh I think I'm going to start being a very busy bee! Hopefully I'll keep up on the blog! Hope everyone liked the pics...gotta do laundry!

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