Friday, March 5, 2010

I love chi-chi!

So I felt pretty bad today because after work I went to the gym, then to the store where I picked up this for her dinner!

It was late so the sushi was half off...all that Maguro(tuna) was only $1.50. of course I took 2 pieces for myself while I cooked my own later dinner. Wasn't able to finally sit down and eat until 11:30!! But it was an alright day. I love going to the gym after work because the trainer there is so funny and I can really understand him quite well for a language barrier there.

So as I'm watching my usual evening programs....look who decides to curl up right next to me. Icing on my cake of a fairly decent day! And raining nicely too :)

Even as I'm writing this she's still chilling out pretty let's get an instant shot because she looks kinda funny...

So talked to the pops today to plan a bit of the Europe trip after Katie's wedding. Destinations are looking like....


Not too shabby. Dad wanted to go to Monaco, never even heard of the place. Then! I asked a couple friends at work and they were freaking out about it, saying it's basically the Beverly Hills of Europe and we'll probably see some amazing yachts every time we look out to the ocean. Excited for that. Thinking of maybe doing a wine tour sometime...but other than that don't really know what to do while we're in Europe! First things first though I suppose and we'll have fun @ the wedding and figure out everything afterwards :P

Ok! I forgot I took this picture, this was also today 3/4(Happy Birthday Mom!) but your 3/3. My last class I teach today is a bunch of Junior High School students, 4 girls and one boy, named Ryo. He's a really smart kid but I guess the other girls were giving him a hard time about his love life because when I walked into the classroom I saw this written on the board....!

I started cracking up!!! These kids English is friggin awesome, but some things are just a little off :P Close enough for me though when you're just joking around before class. I was stoked they even wrote it in English :) If you can't read it too well that last word is "human?" lol


Katie said...

wth?!? i want to go?????

jonovan said...

you don't have a honeymoon or something like that?

Katie said...

maybe later in the year like october/november.