Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A wet weekend

So I bought a season pass and I'm going even on the worst conditions! Luckily I have some back-ups. Putting on wet gear sucks!

I've also my camera phone can take ok pictures when things are close-up. Other than that it's good for nothing. I went to a friends house, she lives on the top floor of her apartment, and the roof of the other apartment was covered with bonsai's where half of them were blooming. I was pretty upset about the pics, but ohh well I'll be able to take it into the shop asap.

Went snowboarding in the rain on Saturday, about an hour or so into riding I was just about to get on the lift, and all of the sudden I felt a rushing of water into my left boot. It had sprung a leak, or rather the the water must have found a way to seep in and my whole foot was soaked the rest of the night! That sucked! But still trying to make a little progress while riding. It seems no matter what the conditions I'm still having a good time. Funky how that works with this hobby.

On Sunday went shredding with a buddy who only speaks Japanese, and he's talkative. I thought I was getting better but during the whole ride he talked so much it was hard for me to keep up and drive at the same time. But it was good motivation to keep studying.

After two days of being crazy busy my Monday was just chilling hard! Cleaned up the apartment a little bit and went to the gym. Caught a chair thief too!

Doin things on a budget too! I can't believe I'm going to be in the states and outta here very soon! Well, England first then the states! It's going to be a crazy summer by the looks of it. Here's how it's lookin...

June: Leave Japan, Go to England, Go to Europe with mi Padre
July: 7/3 another wedding in Canada! Relax in Florida for a little while.
August: Go up to Seattle and work as much as I can doing what I did 2 summers ago.
End of August: Move to Las Vegas and make cheese($).

Going to be very interesting! Can't wait to see it all unfold. Found a nice song too while watching a snowboarding video!

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