Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's day

It's not really the same over here though, not that many people are into it!!! But whatever I AM and I love making fun of everyone at work for not wearing green and hearing their weak excuses!

Things over on this side of the world are good! Had one of the most beautiful days snowboarding in a long time! Finally pays off, I figure if you go every weekend one of the weekend you'll have to have great weather! Met some friends and had a good time. Even had to teach a little, which sucked but they were getting pretty good by the end of the day!

Anyhow...let's throw some pics up...

Had a pretty big snow last week in my city!

oddly enough the next day I was feeling really 'sick' and couldn't make it into work....

Jeez I had a lot to write about but I'm coming up with nothing! Getting excited after my sister posted her website to the wedding! Talking about England and Europe makes me realize how much of a good summer I have ahead of me. It's funny though everybody keeps telling me how soon I'm leaving. I KNOW! But what's the need for the countdown I friggin know already. Look even the trees are getting ready for April, saw this one yesterday.....

Sakura = cherry blossoms

lol and one of my student and I, this is Yosei he's in my Tuesday classes. He's a maniac. And I'm giving that look because he's digging his chin into my head!

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