Wednesday, January 12, 2011

well well well in a bit of a pickle!


and now my passport looks like this!

lol I actually have a new visa...for one more. It's called designated activities!! Man that sounds really cool and all, it'd be really nice if I had a designated activities visa for like 5 years!! I'd feel way cool :P

So now my current options are!

Move to Gunma(a prefecture close to here) and work possibly
Move back
Secure a job here in the spring and move back in the meantime
Crying and self pity
go to Korea and come back on a tourist visa and work part time jobs
get married

lol those last 3 aren't really in the equation, except one usually sets on right before I go to sleep. This week should prove very interesting...........any thoughts. I'm talking to you Katie my only loyal follower lol

1 comment:

Katie said...

GET MARRIED (then self pity) i'll be your wedding planner!!