Sunday, February 7, 2010

Highlight of my Friday...

Just so happened to be during my first class.... let's see if i can dig up a peep of these funny.

So everyone's in class goofing around before class starts...there's 5 kids(one's not in this pic). So two of them come out to my desk where I'm working and say,"Brian, Mei, Risa, and Kiyu aren't in the class it's very strange", in Japanese. So I say well lets go look for them they have to be in there somewhere. Of course, they're hiding pretty well...I walk in and they jump out and try and scare me. Of course I say I was totally surprised :), but then one student, Mei, bottom left on the photo says, "April fools!!!" which is funny by itself, then she thinks for a sec then says, "no,Febuary fools!!"

First, I was cracking up! Friggin cute, and I was also so stoked this girl new the months of the's kinda hard to teach to kids that young.

..It was a very nice start to my Friday.

Look @ Chich...trying to steal some water from my glass, tried to catch her in the act, can still see a little tongue.

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