Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb is flyin by!

I guess!

I've been trying to save some money finally! As I'm leaving for England 6/4! Can't believe that I'll only be living here for about another 3 months. My part-time job ends 3/3 then it's basically smooth sailing until then try and stack cash. I haven't been updating as much as I've wanted to because my phone camera sucks now! I don't know what happened but something with the focus is all messed up, looks like I may have to pick up a digital. Going to take it to the phone shop and see if they can't fix it. see what I'm talking about....

well that was against the reflection of my car so it's not too bad...but look how this castle turned out :(

Anywho...Been trying to just stay on top of things. Big test week for the students this week and we hit a bit of a heat wave too! The weather has been really nice! Trying to study a little bit and getting a little bit back in shape too...Other than that there's not much time besides the weekend, where I'll usually snowboard two days and be ready for the week all over again!

So there's the announcement, 3 more months out here...anyone coming to visit?!?!?!?

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Katie said...

i wish i could visit!!!!! oh well... i'll have to go back and visit with you. so excited you're going to be out here soon. i hope it gets WARM-ER...