Friday, February 5, 2010

Sometimes I forget how easy my job is...

Getting ready for another day at the office, I basically get to wear anything I want, which I seem to be forgetting how much of a luxury that is!

Work is SO easy. My classes yesterday went really well, I'm somehow getting better at teaching I think. Not necessarily with teaching the content I'm supposed to, but really connecting with the kids and having them try to express themselves and be relaxed. My last class I was pretty much laughing the whole time because my junior high school students are so funny!

This week been in a funky mood. Unfortunately been thinking about leaving a lot, which is where I don't want my mind being, but I guess I can't help it. Was thinking about taking the trans-siberian express to link up with Katie for her wedding but not sure how everything will work financially yet. We shall see....>!


Jane said...

You look cool Bri. I can totally see you cracking up with your students -- how great to be actually liked as a teacher! Not many of those around - but everybody remembers at least one.

jonovan said...

thanks mama! and thanks to you because that was one of the sweaters i got @ kohs :P w00t