Monday, October 12, 2009

And the winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Mr. Ride Agenda 08-09

Yay I just wanted to give a big shout out to mom and dad for supporting me so I can achieve this awesome milestone in greatness.

...Runners up(a very close 2nd)

a mr.Nitro 155 lookin pretty(lets call it ms. Nitro) but her flexibility wasn't cuttin it... girl you better start doin yoga YA FEEL ME!!!!

and the "sorry I can't make it rain" 3rd prize goes toooooooo...

I'm sorry but 700 big ones for a snowboard is RIDICULOUS!!! Nobody should ever pay that much for a snowboard....because the only people who really need that quality of a board will get free them by their sponsors. But I was stoked my RIDE AGENDA 156 has just as much flex as that rome "wafair" :P It was a super deal so I'm very happy. Even happier that I'm going snowboarding IN OCTOBER!@!!!!!

I decided on a costume too!!!!

Well...lift tickets are about $20 and costumes everywhere are about $ I'm really wasting my time & money finding a banana suit. As neat as that would be I'm actually going to be going as Santa Claus.... haha just because UNITAS(where I work) has a fresh Santa suit on deck, which was last worn by ME during the last Unitas Christmas Party! Also (lol) it's something for sure all the Japanese people will recognize...which is good. Funny enough Harajuku girls just happened to pop on....YES, only two people who read this blog will understand :)

Ryan is currently getting his news caster on via southern WA..... he will most likely be making it rain very soon on CNN, stay tuned :P


So after buying my snowboard had to castle it was Sunday after all.... my of the last warm weather days like this I think...


lol before laxin it up at the castle I finally got sushi at one of those places where it's all on a rotating track and what not.... SO FUNNY!!!!!!! Ok so there's the sushi on the rotating cart right...then you can also order fresh sushi and it comes express on a diffrent track!!! So nuts! VERY FUN....

The pics really don't do it justice...when you see your sushi coming and the tray is disguised as a bullet train, HA! why can't Japan get crappier and crappier so I come home faster!!!!! Ay yai yai so funny. Also Hello Kitty juice boxes if you'd like...

one more :)

So yes! Sunday was very good. Even played a game of Monopoly with the rules being "no speaking english" that was way rough but I survived. My friends aren't joking around with the studying anymore so I hope I can step up to the occasion!

Last of the Jalepeno's, so stoked they're bit spicy...fall is here I think they won't last another two weeks ( :( ) but I think i'll try and dry a bunch of seeds out and keep em for next year!!!!!

Alright well I think I'll just keep it to mostly pics this time around... I hope everyone had a good weekend!!!!!! Saw pics of the fam(FL) laxin on the boat...Homesick and not but can't wait to get back home when the time comes. !!!!!!!!!

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Katie said...

lovely pictures. i'm thinking about growing some stuff in the back where the dogs poop. the soil must be perfect by now. eew. sho gah ney!

no but foreal. i just dont want them to eat it up.

when you feel homesick where do you feel homesick for? that's my prob.

congrats on your new board!